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how to choose a nice portrait photo as the background image?

hint: to properly place the face of a portrait photo without being blocked by GiftBox, the space from chin to photo bottom should be at least 1.5 times of the space from chin to top of hair.

chin to photo bottom is too short.

chin to photo bottom is sufficient.

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error message: "Wrong Image not a WhatIsInside Picture"

hint: error message will be prompted if loading a 'WhatIsInside Picture' that is not created by E-mail tool.

please be aware that capturing the screen image won't create a 'valid' WhatIsInside Picture and will be rejected when being loaded by WhatIsInside tool.

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not directly sending WhatIsInside Picture between iPhone or compatibles ...

hint: if WhatIsInside is not directly sent between iPhone or compatibles, depending on the e-mail software you use for sending, receiving, or forwarding, the image quality might be downgraded and WhatIsInside might be unable to come out nice results or even unable to reveal the hidden XmasGift accurately.

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wanna play again?

hint: after all GiftBox are unwrapped and XmasGift is revealed, if you want to play again, double-tap at a point away from GiftBox or XmasGift to switch from Present mode to Prepare mode, then tap the Unwrap tool.

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