WhatIsInside TM


Main View



compose WhatIsInside Picture showing wrapped GiftBox with invisible XmasGift inside.


the composed WhatIsInside Picture may be e-mailed to friends.

upon receipt of the WhatIsInside Picture, if your friends have iPhone or compatibles, they may download a free version of WhatIsInside (no need for any In App Purchase); load your WhatIsInside Picture; listen to the music of 'jingle bells' in a variety of styles including country, disco, flamenco, hawaiian, hip-hop, kids, march, rock, romantic, samba, tango and waltz; unwrap the GiftBox; find out what's inside; and have a voice holiday greeting.

WhatIsInside Picture also contains XmasCard.

for a friend who has no iPhone or compatible, WhatIsInside Picture may be used as a static graphic of xmas card.

an e-way to have nice holidays with friends. it is ... nice!


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